VELA’s Electric Vehicle Charging Systems are turnkey AC & DC charging stations integrated into a customer specific smart energy management system. VELA partners with various manufactur- ers of charging solutions (both wallboxes and charging stations) and can provide VELA branded & OEM solutions customized to our client ́s requests.

Based on our client's requirements, VELA can realise various solutions such as:

AC Charger

  • realisation of AC charging stations for electric vehicles using up to 22kW including integration into eMobility platforms such as Hubject
  • connection of charging solutions into an energy management system, e.g. with intelligent load management and integration into other processes such as peak load management

DC Charger

  • flexible DC/DC applications (which are currently under development) to realise fast charging of electric vehicles & high energy efficiencies in households or companies with a photovoltaic installation