Connect & Control

VELA’s connect & control toolkit has been developed to solve above mentioned challenges. It offers a simple, secure & cost-efficient solution to link physical energy devices with digital energy management applications.

VELA Hardware Gateway

The VELA Hardware Gateway is an industrial communications module specifically designed to connect multiple energy devices. Each VELA Hardware Gateway is a unique device with his own forgery proof ID to achieve the highest levels of security required to meet the high standards in the area of critical infrastructure.

To connect energy devices to the gateway the following hardware interfaces can be used:

  • Ethernet
  • CAN
  • RS485

These interfaces allow the gateway to communicate with the most common protocols (used in industrial & energy environments).

VELA Software Platform

The VELA Software Platform is solely designed to manage the hardware and software of energy devices and to provide a system environment for various applications.

Developed as an Embedded Linux solution, the platform provides various benefits, such as low integration costs through:

  • standardised interfaces
  • high security standards via certified authentication and encrpyted data transfer
  • remote upgrades

The VELA software platform can either be used:

  • a single energy system (via one VELA Hardware gateway like one household for instance) or
  • a cloud connected solutions with multiple energy systems (via multiple VELA (or other) Hardware gateways) an energy grid protocol converter, data miner or telecontrol gateway

VELA EMS Applications

VELA’s Energy Management System (EMS) Applications realise various use cases within the energy market, such as:

  • swarm storage solutions
  • residential prosumer energy management incl. integration of PV, energy storage, electric vehicle & smart home appliances
  • commercial energy management applications incl. peak load management & uninterrupted power supply
  • grid services to improve energy quality & resilience

Customer specific applications for other energy market or cross-sector related use cases can be developed, too.