VELA Energy Storage Systems consist of preconfigured or custom high voltage battery systems, either equipped with a DC-DC converter to connect photovoltaic systems and any inverter or as a plug and play version which contains a battery inverter to enable a direct connection with the grid. Each VELA energy storage system includes Lithium-Iron- Phosphate battery cells (LFP) in combination with a 3-level battery management system, a communications controller and a cloud interface. The use of other Lithium cell technologies, such as NMC & LTO, which cover other specific use cases, is also possible.

Home Storage

High voltage energy storage systems with flexible modular design for many use cases & susbsequent expansion

  • high performing high voltage system
  • scaleable
  • easy to install & maintain
  • open to all current & future energy management systems

Commercial Storage

Modular setup for custom configurations & functionalities

  • specifically designed to maximise the benefits of various commercial and industrial use cases
  • highly flexible regarding its hardware configuration and integration into energy management systems
  • the plug and play version features automated voltage adjusting and configurable C-rates

Large Scale Storage

Designed to meet highest standards of flexibility, performance, durability & security

  • scalable to fulfill mass storage requirements from 756kWh to multiple MWh
  • Turnkey solution including integrated inverter
  • equipped with highest security standards for outdoor placement as a container or indoor use as a customized rack system